Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Same country, same people, same flag, same mentality, different president!?

“During a swearing-in ceremony shortly after the handover, Allawi and other members of the new government placed their hands on the Koran and promised to serve with sincerity and impartiality. Iraqi flags lined the wall behind them.” Cnn.com

This shows who much we trust our government. Only if they swear, by place their hands on the Koran, then we will believe them that they will do a good job. Is it not a better idea to wait and see what they can do and then calling them the members of our government? Personally I have never heard of names like Sheikh Ghazi al-Yawar or Allawi in the past, but I guess they are better than Saddam Hussein, so this time I will not complain.

Bush also said the U.S. military "will stay as long as the stability of Iraq requires." Cnn.com

I thought we had ‘our’ country back?

“LONDON (Reuters) - The Arabization of the oil-rich region of Kirkuk in northern Iraq and the eviction of thousands of Kurds by Saddam Hussein must be reversed or the country’s future will be at risk, a top Kurdish leader said Friday.”

He said also;

"Kirkuk is a serious issue and it needs a serious solution. If Kirkuk is not solved, it is like a time bomb primed to explode" Kurishmedia.com

It’s maybe a good job if Sheikh Ghazi al-Yawar begins to find a solution for Kirkuk-issue. Because if he is not able to find the right solution for Kirkuk, he will probably better stop calling himself mr. president and find another job. There are things in Iraq that most be solved before we begin with election. Kirkuk-issue is one of them. People, who simply kicked out their houses, most be able to go back to their home without any problem. But unfortunately till now the Iraqi government and the coalition did nothing about this issue. I am wondering why they ignoring this problem? Did they have forgotten that Kirkuk was a time-bomb?

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Who wants to hear what I have to say?

Who wants to hear what I have to say?

In the Western world people are represented by political parties. It’s very simple. If these political parties are not able to do what they have promised to their members, then they will get lesser votes for the next election.
Weirdly, things go very different in ME. For example; the two powerful Kurdish parties in Iraq, PUK and PDK, are actually not chosen by Kurdish people in a democratic way. These two parties are managed by individuals. In fact a small group has the power, the rest obeys. I have nothing against such a structure in a party. But when these non-elected parties have the right to decide about the future of Kurdistan, then it is a different story. In that case I demand a referendum, Kurds in north of Iraq most have the right to choose their future. But weirdly UN and especially USA are not interested in a referendum. If the American politic in this Iraq-issue is based on ‘democracy’, then why they don’t want to listen to Kurds? Why the American politic is based on just ‘listen’ to PUK and PDK? Is the mighty Bremer not able give more attention to what Kurds want instead of just listening to two leaders?

However, comparing to the rest of ME, Kurds are more regulated in a democratic way. Comparing to El-Sistani, maybe I should stop complaining about the PUK and PDK! But I still wonder why USA, a country which is almost based on the trias-politicas, won’t listen to Kurds in North of Iraq? Why they continuing the tradition way of politic in ME which is base on “come to an agreement with the leader, the rest have nothing to say’.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The American prefers the Boe-man rather than Kurds.

The American prefers the Boe-man rather than Kurds.

El-Sistani, actually El-Insane, have send a letter to G. Bush couples of days ago and asked him to forget about the Fedral-system in Iraq or otherwise he will use his beard!
G Bush, actually the dumbest USA president ever, was afraid of his look and when he visited http://sistani.org/html/eng/ he was scared even more and G. Bush said then right and loud “I will do what ever you want el-Insane, just don’t be mad and don’t use your 3 meter long beard!
Oke, I am oke with this decision of our American friends. I will not talk about the consequences of their betray. This time I prefer to explain some ideas of El-Insane, the new American lover boy. I hope that the American people, who visit this webblog, have an idea of who their new ally is.

I will give you some examples of his FAQ section! (from www.sistani.org)

Question: What is the ruling about permanent and temporary marriage with a Christian woman? It is a matter of real urgency. Please, try to reply as soon as possible?

Answer: It is incumbent, as a measure of obligatory precaution, to avoid permanent marriage with a Christian or Jewish woman. As for temporary marriage, it is permissible and there is no objection in it.

KARDA: Well I am wondering if a Shii woman is allowed to marry a Kurd. If no, shall we just kill the Kurd guy or eat him alive? Lol

Question:If my wife wants me to masturbate in front of her, is it then allowed?

Answer:You are not allowed to do it with hand, but your wife is.

Karda: hmm interesting ….

Question: Can a girl who is virgin marry without her guardian’s permission? In what case is she allowed to marry without permission?

Answer: It is not permissible for a virgin girl marry without first obtaining her father or grandfather’s permission. She should get his permission as a measure of obligatory precaution even if she is self-dependent in her life. Yes, if her guardian does not interfere in her matters, she is allowed to marry without his permission.

Karda: So the non-virgin-girls should be happy! They don’t need any permission! Rock & Roll girlz

Question: Is anal intercourse permissible.

Answer: Anal intercourse is permissible if wife is consenting but it is strongly undesirable (makrooh).

Karda: And SM, is that allowed too?

Question: Is music haram to listen to for Muslims? If yes why please explain?

Answer: It is Haram to listen to music special for diversion and play.

Karda: here goes my LP last album to the garbage

Question: My aunt had received a house from her mother, brothers and sisters by mutual consent from their inheritances. Now my aunt has expired leaving behind only one married daughter (F) a widowed daughter-in-law (L) of her dead son (M) and two grandsons (A) and (H) from her dead son (M). What are their respective inheritances?

Answer: The daughter inherits all that left.

Karda: To complicated, I can’t give you any comment on this one.

Question: Is it necessary for the Muslim to repeatedly say "Bismillah, Allah-u Akbar" while slaughtering machine is in motion or is it sufficient to say it only once when he turns the machine on? Meaning would his one Bismillah be sufficient for the 50,000 chickens slaughtered in one day?

Answer: It is enough as long as the machine slaughters and the Muslim repeatedly utters bismillah al-rahman al-rahim. By doing so, no doubt would be left in this regard.

Karda: I have nothing against chickens, but I am wondering if you could apply this to human being : )

Congratulation, The American has a new friend!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Stop teasing me!

Stop teasing me!

I really don’t understand what the world has against Kurds. When Saddam’s regime ended in 2003 I thought: “Now our Arab brothers will come and they will apologize for what ever they did to us, and Kurds will accept that apologize and we will live together in peace”. But it seems this happy end version of the worst movie ever, G. Bush on vacation in Iraq, is far away from reality.
Especially when you see the Arabic media, your hope will decrease to -273 degree Celsius. Each time I see the Arabic media’s I see the weirdest names for Jalal Talabani and Masoud Barazni. The last thing I saw was “Tarazani”, it seems to be a new name for both Jalal Talabani and Masoud Barzani. At the begin I had to laugh about it and I thought: “The sense of humor is not yet bombed in Iraq!”. But actually when you think deeper about the real mean of this kind of publicity you better think: “Let’s prepare us for the second Siver and Lozan, 1974II, Halabja II… etc”. Well my good friends, any one knows a good place to hide?

Sunday, June 06, 2004

My first post

My first post:

When 200.000 Kurds were killed by Saddam Hussein and his army of 2 million soldiers in 1988, Arabs and all the minorities in Iraq said not a single word. That is sad!
When couple of months ago the conflict began between the American and Muqtada el-Sadir, Kurds did the same thing as Arab did in 1988. They didn’t say a single word!
In both cases people were dying, innocent people were dying, children, women and old people were dying. It’s is shame that we, people in the ME, can’t live together in peace. It’s a shame that we, the creator of the first civilization in the history, are not even able to govern our selves. Well, I don’t blame them actually. I blame the ones who took the ruler and drew a country for these nations in the ME in 1921.

Back to the Kurds:
I think it’s time to find a solution for the Kurds in the Middle-East. A country which is in fact created by the British, called Iraq, is NOT the answer of the self-determination-rights of the Kurds in the Middle-East. All the nations in the Middle-East has to realize the fact that a nation of 40 million people will not agree to be apart of other countries.

Through the history we learned that the only way to maintain/ create peace is to giving everybody their rights. Sins 1921 we killing each other without any results. If since 1921 each nation had his sate, maybe we were now able to form the United Nations of the ME! But sadly that dream will not come true, at least not as long as we have oil in the ME and as long as we hate each other…