Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The American prefers the Boe-man rather than Kurds.

The American prefers the Boe-man rather than Kurds.

El-Sistani, actually El-Insane, have send a letter to G. Bush couples of days ago and asked him to forget about the Fedral-system in Iraq or otherwise he will use his beard!
G Bush, actually the dumbest USA president ever, was afraid of his look and when he visited he was scared even more and G. Bush said then right and loud “I will do what ever you want el-Insane, just don’t be mad and don’t use your 3 meter long beard!
Oke, I am oke with this decision of our American friends. I will not talk about the consequences of their betray. This time I prefer to explain some ideas of El-Insane, the new American lover boy. I hope that the American people, who visit this webblog, have an idea of who their new ally is.

I will give you some examples of his FAQ section! (from

Question: What is the ruling about permanent and temporary marriage with a Christian woman? It is a matter of real urgency. Please, try to reply as soon as possible?

Answer: It is incumbent, as a measure of obligatory precaution, to avoid permanent marriage with a Christian or Jewish woman. As for temporary marriage, it is permissible and there is no objection in it.

KARDA: Well I am wondering if a Shii woman is allowed to marry a Kurd. If no, shall we just kill the Kurd guy or eat him alive? Lol

Question:If my wife wants me to masturbate in front of her, is it then allowed?

Answer:You are not allowed to do it with hand, but your wife is.

Karda: hmm interesting ….

Question: Can a girl who is virgin marry without her guardian’s permission? In what case is she allowed to marry without permission?

Answer: It is not permissible for a virgin girl marry without first obtaining her father or grandfather’s permission. She should get his permission as a measure of obligatory precaution even if she is self-dependent in her life. Yes, if her guardian does not interfere in her matters, she is allowed to marry without his permission.

Karda: So the non-virgin-girls should be happy! They don’t need any permission! Rock & Roll girlz

Question: Is anal intercourse permissible.

Answer: Anal intercourse is permissible if wife is consenting but it is strongly undesirable (makrooh).

Karda: And SM, is that allowed too?

Question: Is music haram to listen to for Muslims? If yes why please explain?

Answer: It is Haram to listen to music special for diversion and play.

Karda: here goes my LP last album to the garbage

Question: My aunt had received a house from her mother, brothers and sisters by mutual consent from their inheritances. Now my aunt has expired leaving behind only one married daughter (F) a widowed daughter-in-law (L) of her dead son (M) and two grandsons (A) and (H) from her dead son (M). What are their respective inheritances?

Answer: The daughter inherits all that left.

Karda: To complicated, I can’t give you any comment on this one.

Question: Is it necessary for the Muslim to repeatedly say "Bismillah, Allah-u Akbar" while slaughtering machine is in motion or is it sufficient to say it only once when he turns the machine on? Meaning would his one Bismillah be sufficient for the 50,000 chickens slaughtered in one day?

Answer: It is enough as long as the machine slaughters and the Muslim repeatedly utters bismillah al-rahman al-rahim. By doing so, no doubt would be left in this regard.

Karda: I have nothing against chickens, but I am wondering if you could apply this to human being : )

Congratulation, The American has a new friend!