Sunday, June 06, 2004

My first post

My first post:

When 200.000 Kurds were killed by Saddam Hussein and his army of 2 million soldiers in 1988, Arabs and all the minorities in Iraq said not a single word. That is sad!
When couple of months ago the conflict began between the American and Muqtada el-Sadir, Kurds did the same thing as Arab did in 1988. They didn’t say a single word!
In both cases people were dying, innocent people were dying, children, women and old people were dying. It’s is shame that we, people in the ME, can’t live together in peace. It’s a shame that we, the creator of the first civilization in the history, are not even able to govern our selves. Well, I don’t blame them actually. I blame the ones who took the ruler and drew a country for these nations in the ME in 1921.

Back to the Kurds:
I think it’s time to find a solution for the Kurds in the Middle-East. A country which is in fact created by the British, called Iraq, is NOT the answer of the self-determination-rights of the Kurds in the Middle-East. All the nations in the Middle-East has to realize the fact that a nation of 40 million people will not agree to be apart of other countries.

Through the history we learned that the only way to maintain/ create peace is to giving everybody their rights. Sins 1921 we killing each other without any results. If since 1921 each nation had his sate, maybe we were now able to form the United Nations of the ME! But sadly that dream will not come true, at least not as long as we have oil in the ME and as long as we hate each other…