Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Same country, same people, same flag, same mentality, different president!?

“During a swearing-in ceremony shortly after the handover, Allawi and other members of the new government placed their hands on the Koran and promised to serve with sincerity and impartiality. Iraqi flags lined the wall behind them.” Cnn.com

This shows who much we trust our government. Only if they swear, by place their hands on the Koran, then we will believe them that they will do a good job. Is it not a better idea to wait and see what they can do and then calling them the members of our government? Personally I have never heard of names like Sheikh Ghazi al-Yawar or Allawi in the past, but I guess they are better than Saddam Hussein, so this time I will not complain.

Bush also said the U.S. military "will stay as long as the stability of Iraq requires." Cnn.com

I thought we had ‘our’ country back?

“LONDON (Reuters) - The Arabization of the oil-rich region of Kirkuk in northern Iraq and the eviction of thousands of Kurds by Saddam Hussein must be reversed or the country’s future will be at risk, a top Kurdish leader said Friday.”

He said also;

"Kirkuk is a serious issue and it needs a serious solution. If Kirkuk is not solved, it is like a time bomb primed to explode" Kurishmedia.com

It’s maybe a good job if Sheikh Ghazi al-Yawar begins to find a solution for Kirkuk-issue. Because if he is not able to find the right solution for Kirkuk, he will probably better stop calling himself mr. president and find another job. There are things in Iraq that most be solved before we begin with election. Kirkuk-issue is one of them. People, who simply kicked out their houses, most be able to go back to their home without any problem. But unfortunately till now the Iraqi government and the coalition did nothing about this issue. I am wondering why they ignoring this problem? Did they have forgotten that Kirkuk was a time-bomb?