Thursday, July 08, 2004

Kurds and their neighbors.

Kurds and their neighbors.

There is no doubt about the fact that Kurds have been always a peaceful nation. In the history of Middle-East, as far as I know, Kurds have never suppressed other nations and forced them to be Kurds. But sadly we see that nations who supposed to be our friends turned out to be our biggest enemy.


Arabs are well know of their hospitality and good manners. For example, If you visit a Sheik, the first three days he will treat you as a guest. On the third day he will ask you what is your purpose for coming to hem . Maybe this sounds very weird, but it’s in fact an example of good manner.
Back to Kurds, what I want to say is why we, Kurds, are not allowed to enjoy these kinds of good manners of our Arabic neighbours? Why a lot of Arabs still have no sympathy for Kurds. Why the majority of Arabs don’t admit that Kurds are also a nation with their culture just like them and they deserve, just like Palestine, their state. Did Kurds ever have done something unforgivable to Arabs that they deserve this cruelty? I hope not.
Thanks God I know enough good Arabic people to understand that not every Arab thinks in this way about Kurds. I must say I even know an Assyrian Arabic family and I love them so much that I wouldn’t exchange them for whole Kurdistan. Thanks God these kinds of people still giving Kurds like me the inspiration to don’t lose their faith in a peaceful life.

In this article a Turcoman writer demands that Mr. Masoud Barzani (chief of PDK) most be judged, just like saddam Hussein. He thinks actually that Mr. Masoud Barzani killed a lot of Turcoman in Iraq. This is what he thinks without any evidence.
For the first time in the Iraqi History, a Turcoman political party which was really representing the Turcoman minority in Iraq became active under the regime of Kurds in North of Iraq. They even got 3 seats on the Kurds Parliament. I still know, in 1997, most of Turcoman writers began with their anti-Kurd campaign. They did this because of protecting the interests of their real land, Turkey. I still know, Jalal Talabani himself, wrote an article on Kurdistan New and he forbid members of his party to harm any Turcoman writer. He wrote “We live in the democratic part of Iraq; if we harm these writers then we will become as evil as Saddam Hussein. That is why we most let them to say their opinion so we can solve our problems”.
Personally, I think that if we like it or not we live together. Try to make our life a peaceful life is the duty of both of us (Kurds and Turcoman). I am not saying that Kurds are angels and Turcoman are the source of evil. What I want to say is that we have to try to improve our relationship.


I like Assyrian the most. Not because they are the oldest nation in Iraq, also because they are Christian and they still are able to live in peace with the rest of Muslims. Assyrian and Caledonian have always lived peacefully with the rest of their neighbours. They have now 1 seat in the Kurdish parliament. Their leaders are well respected leaders by Kurds. As far as know there have never been real problems between Kurds an Assyrians.

Sadly I read today also an article at the which was written by an Assyrian writer. He/She was angry about the fact that Assyrians are a part of the Kurds parliament. He/she was convinced that living with Kurds was not an option for Assyrians. I suggest he prefer Falluja rather that a peaceful place like Kurdistan. Unfortunately the most Assyrian’s intellectuals are also not the biggest fan of Kurds. Their way of writing is in the most of cases as cruel as At this point I am disappointed in the Assyrian intellectuals but thanks God the normal Assyrian people are still giving me the hope that we will continue living together in peace.