Saturday, July 10, 2004

Mr Jalal Talabani and the Kirkuk Issue.

Mr Jalal Talabani and the Kirkuk Issue.

Yesterday Mr Jalal Talabani, chief of PUK, said on CNNTurk that he has a new plan for Kirkuk. He discussed his new plan with the Turkish authorities and the Turkish authorities welcomed his plan. From .

Some important points of Mr. Talabani’s new plan.

“Turkey most has the right to see what is going on in Kirkuk.”

Turcoman who lives in Kirkuk sees themselves as Iraqis. They have been always denying the fact that they are originally from Turkey. They see themselves actually as old as Assyrians. Just a normal question? If Turcoman sees themselves as Iraqi as the rest of Kurds, Arab ... etc why they want Turkey, their protector, to be in Kirkuk? Can’t they just trust the Iraqi government? Why Turcoman want Turkey to act as the moderator and why not UN for example? I just don’t trust these Turcoman who shouting and mooing that they are Iraqi and they love Iraq and on the other hand they worship Ataturk.

“Kirkuk will not be a part of any government”, said Mr. Talabani.

I don’t understand this one. Will we get the third federal state? Or are we just giving Kirkuk to Turkey? Kurds have fought for Kirkuk for about 60 years. Because of Kirkuk we went on war with Saddam Hussein. I am wondering if Mr. Jalal Talabani knows what is he doing? He is not the one who has the right to makes anti-Kurds plans and betrays Kurds. He supposes to protect our interests!

“If there are no problems in Kirkuk anymore, then people from Kirkuk will decide over their future”.

I support also this idea. This is at my point of view the best solution for Kirkuk. Only there is one big problem. There are more than 300.000 Kurds who kicked out of Kirkuk by Saddam Hussein. Let’s say there are also 300.000 Arabs who came in their places. Is it fair to decide over the future of Kirkuk in obscene of the real Kirkuki’s? Is it fair to let 300.000 outsiders to decide over the future of Kirkuk? I don’t think so!