Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Referendum Committee of Australia retire

London ( 30 July 2004: The Referendum Committee of Australia was scraped by the elected committee of the organisation and decided not to take part in further activities of the movement. The Committee issued a communiqué on 28 July 2004, providing the reasons for their departure.

The Referendum Movement collected over 1.8 million signatures in Kurdistan and 48 thousands signatures amongst the Kurdish Diaspora. A three-member delegation, consisting of Dr Rebwar Fatah, Dr Kawa Amin and Ms Khoshi Shawqi, visited the UN in Geneva earlier this year, to set a roadmap to conduct a referendum in Kurdistan.

However since then the movement has faced many obstacles, including that the signatures to date have not been delivered to the UN
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Letting South Kurdistan be a part of Iraq is maybe the best option at this moment. But if Kurds wanted to be a part of Iraq, they could do that long time a go. Then the Halabja and Anfal tragedy never happened and we could all live in peace together. Except for the Kurdish leaders Kurds never wanted to be a part of any country. This is something which is have been forgotten by the rest of the world, even by Kurds.

The most important thing at this moment is the question whether Kurds in South of Kurdistan want to be a part of Iraq or not? And if they don’t want the beloved Federal system what is the reason then?

There are enough reasons to be not a part of Iraq, think of what all the Iraqi governments did against Kurds for the last 80 years. Of course it’s important to learn from your mistakes but personally I don’t think that that would be the best arguments. Maybe it’s time to come with new arguments instead of Halabja and Anfal. Personally I think that each nation has the right to form his state and call it his country. I think also that self-determination right most get highest priority. So calling independence is not because Iraq is not good enough for Kurds, it’s actually because each nation has the right to be independent and also Kurds, as a nation, will use that universal right.

Nowadays when you talk about Kurds everybody thinks only of Kurds in Iraq. But the Kurdish problem don’t stop by the Iraqi border, there are 40 million Kurds who suffers under horrible regimes in the ME. If USA and the rest of world are really our friend then they do their best to find a solution for the Kurdish problem entirely, not only in Iraq.

Kurds must be aware that they must do their best for an independence Kurdistan. Only an independence Kurdistan will solve the Kurdish problem in the ME. What Kurds and the rest of the nations in the ME must absolutely not forget is that demanding an independence Kurdistan doesn’t mean killing each other and hating each other. Of course only a fool would actually believe that the first step of solving the Kurds problem is giving Kurds their Independent Kurdistan. It’s a process of years. But it must begin somewhere. The ideal situation is when Turks, Arabs and Persians thinking by themselves of giving Kurds their rights. Because that is the only way to prevent wars between these nations. And who knows maybe after 50 years there will be Turks, Arabs and Persians who are actually proud because one day they supported the Kurdish independency. And example of a person who made the first step in the blogworld to show the rest of the Kurds that not each Arab is a racist is Mr. Ali. His article has been published on Kurdo’s webblog. I really have respect for these kinds of people; I hope to see more of them in the future.