Thursday, July 01, 2004

Saddam Hussein In court

On the Arabic channels there was kind of a big disappointment. Especially Al-jazeera and Al-Arabia both were very unhappy about the fact that the court was not public. In ten minutes time I heard almost five times that this is unfair. Unfair? Please give me a break! Do you know what is unfair? Let me tell you! Accusing Saddam Hussein of killing million of people in a civilized court and under the Iraqi law, that is what I call unfair! I just can’t understand why we try to act in a civilize way with the Middle-East version of Hitler? Can’t we just learn hem and the people who believe in his Baath’s ideology a lesson that they will not forget?

On the Al-jazeera television channel was the director for Al-Qudis newspaper (An Arabic newspaper) giving his opinion about this issue. The director said three times that officially and according to the international law Saddam Hussein is still the President of Iraq. I am not denying this fact. But the fact that Saddam Hussein is not elected by the Iraqi people when he became the president, don’t give hem the right to talk about international laws.

One more thing, during the court Saddam Hussein mentioned that Kuwait was a part of Iraq and that is why he invades Kuwait. Kuwait was indeed a part of Iraq before 1920, but that doesn’t give Iraq the right to push Kuwait to be apart of Iraq. If the Kuwaitis don’t want to live with the Iraqis and don’t want to be apart of Iraq, than that is their choice. At that point I think nobody has the right to invade Kuwait.