Thursday, July 29, 2004

Turkish PM in Iran seek help against Kurd rebels

Rajab Ordughan ,The Turkey's Prime Minster, has come to Iran to visited Khatami and talk about the Kurds problem in his country. Ordughan made an agreement with Khatami about the PKK issue. Iran will from now on see PKK as a terrorist organisation, and for that will Turkey never allow USA to use his country as a basis to attack Iran. I most say this is really a dirty play!

In 1978, left-wing Kurds under the direction of Ocalan founded the Marxist PKK, an organization whose goal was autonomy for Turkey’s Kurds. This Kurdish party is fighting for the freedom of more than 25 million Kurds in Turkey. Sadly PKK believes in pure communism. For that reason I don’t prefer PKK to be the ruler of North of Kurdistan. Simply, because fundamentalism don’t work for everybody. In a pure communistic country people are not allowed to say what they want. I prefer a democratic country.

However, PKK is very unique. It’s the only party in the Middle East which is composed for 40% out of women! Yes, you heard me! There are actually women who have the daring to fight one of the most well armed army in the world, the Turkish army. When I think of these mothers and sisters who chosen to be guerrilla’s, then I realise how much we, Kurds, want to live in freedom.

Personally, if I was a soldier in the Turkish army, I will feel proud to be killed by a woman in the battlefield. I really do.

Kurdish Peshmarga's

For the freedom loving people:
Pleas pray for these freedom fighters, because they have the daring, they have the courage, they just love so much freedom that they are actually prepare to die for it. I am proud to be member of a nation which women are fighting even more courageously than men. And all that for one word Freedom

Long live freedom.