Thursday, August 26, 2004

Our friends….

Early eighties almost each country in the Western world was busy to make profit from the Iran-Iraq war. The Western world did this by selling weapons to Iran and Iraq. The Arabic countries did also play a dirty play during this war. During the eight years of war they gave money to Saddam Hussein so he could continue his war. Meanwhile these Arabic countries were selling their oil for a lower price than Iraq, they were sending workers to Iraq so they could rebuild what Khomeini had destroyed and above of all these they were getting young Kurdish girls and Kurdish women as gifts from Saddam Hussein. If you wondering where these young girls and women came from, the answer is simple: they were prisoners of the “Anfal”. Anfal is the name that Saddam Hussein gave to his plan to destroy 5500 Kurdish villages in north of Iraq and killing 180.000 Kurds.

One of most awful pictures that I see it everyday are the castles which are build by France for Saddam Hussein. These castles served as military posts, especially during the Anfal period in 1988. They served also as prisons where Kurdish people were tortured and killed. There are maybe near 100 castles like this in north of Iraq. I am wondering why nobody accuse Franc for helping Saddam Hussein and as a partner of Saddam Hussein during the genocides of 1988? Don’t tell me it’s not possible because there is not enough evidence! Come and see them by your self.

Each time when I see these castles I realize more that our only friends are the mountains.