Saturday, September 25, 2004

An Arabic writer who feels the pain of the Kurdish nation.

Last week my friend told me that there is an Arabic writer who writes about Kurds and Jews. At the first place it sound very weird to me, it is just imagining Muqtada Sadir in jeans… yeah right!
Anyway, I was very interested in the subject. So I began to search for this mystic writer. You will not believe me people! The story that I have been told was true!

The writer is Jasim el-Mutir. He is an Iraqi Arabic writer. He is actually a very good friend of Kurds and Jews, especially the Iraqi Jews. He has been captured by the Saddam’s government because of his stories which he wrote. He is the first Arabic writer who wrote a book about Halabja, the Kurdish city which has been bombed with chemical weapon by Saddam Hussein. The book called “Shiren” and it is one of his best stories that he wrote. “Shiren” has been translated in more than 15 languages, including Kurds and Chinese. He is also the writer of the first book about the Jewish tragedy in the ME. It’s called “The two lovers of Mesopotamia”. It is an amazing book about two Iraqi Jews who separated from each other because of ware.

I was very surprised when I heard that the Kurdish authorities never thanked hem for his great job that he did for Kurds. But that is actually not amazing at all. Our so called Kurdish leaders are too busy with making money and they have no time to thanks our friends.

Well, we should not forget people who show sympathy to our nation. We need these people more than any time. Because only they are in state to make sure that Halabja II won’t happen again.

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